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Piaget values its customers and knows that they care about how their personal data is used and shared. Piaget appreciates the trust its customers place in it, and ensures that all personal data is treated appropriately. This notice describes the privacy policy of Piaget for customers residing in Monaco.

1. Privacy Policy

Piaget Monte-Carlo S.A. (“the Company”) obtain personal information from each customer in accordance with Law n°1.353 dated 4 December 2008 and use the best endeavors to protect personal information by managing it in an appropriate and strict manner.

2. Use of Customer Information

(1) The Company may ask customers visiting Piaget boutiques and the Piaget website to voluntarily provide personal information. The personal information provided, the records of the customer’s future visits, orders, purchases and repair orders, and any subsequent information provided by the customer either in addition to, or amending the existing registered personal information, will be hereinafter called the “Customer Information”.
(2) The Company will use the Customer Information for:
- Product and repair order fulfillment, and after service
- Direct mail for announcing new products and events
- Service improvement study
- Internal market research
(3) The Customer can request access to the Customer Information at any time.

3. Joint Use of Customer Information

(1) The Company will use the Customer Information provided by customers jointly among Piaget, Branch of Richemont Intl. SA and Piaget’s related group companies.
(2) Any joint use of the Customer Information stipulated in 3(1) will be conducted within the scope of the purposes of use specified in 2(2). The Company will assume full responsibility for all requests from the Customer for access to the Customer Information or for disclosure, amendment, deletion, etc. of the Customer Information to be jointly used. Customers should contact the customer service center shown in 6 to request access to the Customer Information, or disclosure, amendment or deletion of their Customer Information.

4. Provision of Customer Information to Third Party

Other than as specified in 5(2), or unless otherwise provided by law, the Company will not disclose or provide the Customer Information to any third party without obtaining the relevant customer’s approval.

5. Management of Customer Information

(1) The Customer Information provided will be appropriately kept and managed in accordance with the law of Monaco.
(2) The Company sometimes employs an external service provider to perform the processing or management of the Customer Information. In that case, the Company will take an appropriate partner at its responsibility and perform necessary and appropriate supervision over such service provider. All external service providers will be subject in that case to confidentiality agreements and undertake to respect of the Customer’s privacy.

6. Customer Information Access, Disclosure, Amendment or Deletion

(1) With respect to the access, disclosure of, amendment to or deletion of the contents of the Customer Information or to any question concerning the Customer Information, please refer to the following customer service center:
CSA - Département Piaget
10 Cité du Retiro
75 008 Paris
(2) In the event that a customer who has voluntarily submitted Customer Information to the Company does not interact or communicate with the Company for an extended period of time, the Company may delete Customer Information submitted by that customer and registered in the Company’s system. If the customer subsequently requests the Company for disclosure, amendment, deletion, etc. of their Customer Information after it has been destroyed, the Company will inform them of such fact.

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